PowerLine Tattoo
706 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston Rhode Island, 02910

Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal is coming to PowerLine!

Tuesday January 05, 2016

Mark your calendars!!! We will be hosting Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal in our upstairs ArtSpace Sunday, 1/24 and Monday, 1/25!  If you've been looking to get lasered to either get rid of a tattoo or lighten it for a cover up, now is your chance to not have to drive to Boston to see them!  If you'd like to have a consult over the phone with them, and/or schedule a time with them while they're here, please call them at (857) 284-4800.  Almsot everyone at our shop has gotten something lasered by them becasue we've too made poor tattoo decisions at one point or another, and had great experiences and results!  The people over at Tataway are super knowledgeable and we're psyched to have them here making laser magic.  Get more info on them at www.tataway.com !