PowerLine Tattoo
706 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston Rhode Island, 02910

Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal is coming back to PowerLine!

Tuesday February 16, 2016

Tataway will be taking over our ArtSpace again Tuesday, March 1st!  If you missed them the first time, or you have more lasering you need done, make sure to schedule an appointment with them!  You can get more info at www.tataway.com, and for consultations and scheduling, call them at (857) 284-4800.  They are experts in the lasering field, so let them help you on your journey - whether it's to lighten an existing piece to make it coverable, or to get it gone.  We talk to several people that are unahppy in their current tattoo situation, but are unable to help some of them out with a cover up due to how dark and saturated their existing piece is.. This is why we strongly believe in lasering and are making it super convenient for all of you!