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Conventions and stuff!

Saturday May 19, 2012

Hey everybody!  Just wanted to let you all know that Evan and Mike will be working the Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo in Manchester, New Hampshire July 20-22.  It will take place at the Radisson Hotel-- for all the details, click the link!http://www.livefreeordietattoo.com/2012/home.php   

Best to put it  Best to put it in your calendar now-- it's a fun convention and close enough to check out!  It's great seeing clients show up to conventions to show support and enter their pieces into contests! 

Summer has definitely arrived in Lil Rhody, and the shop has been staying really busy, so make sure to come in and schedule something asap.. especially if you need to work around your summer plans!  Just remember that you won't be able to swim right away, and you need to be really careful with sun exposure, so PLAN ACCORDINGLY!  They make SPF 100+, so go out and pick some up to keep your tattoos bright and beautiful this summer :)