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Back in RI

Saturday November 03, 2012

So the PowerLine crew made it back safe from Las Vegas this week.  The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, held at the Mirage, was quite a convention!  Not only was it huge, but it was home to some of the best artists in the industry for the weekend.  Being around the creativity and mastery in the convention room was definitely humbling and inspiring.  The phrase, "unleash your potential," printed on the artists' badges, was very fitting for the show.  Evan, Mike and Jess worked the entirety of the convention,  creating awesome pieces on people from all over the country-- Virginia, Utah, California, and Connecticut.  We got to meet and make new clients, and catch up with some regulars that made the trip out.  The same certainly goes for artists-- it's awesome to keep our industry circle of friends growing; to gain and offer support, and push one another creatively and technically.  As for the rest of the trip to Vegas, well that stays in Vegas ;)